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BIOHM Health Inc  

The following is an overview of BIOHM’s Affiliate Program effective July 30, 2019. BIOHM Affiliates will promote BIOHM’s products and services through social media and personal relationships. BIOHM will provide content and support for postings. Affiliates will provide their network/followers with an Affiliate Code. The Affiliate Code is shared with the audience of the respective Affiliate and 1.) allows BIOHM to track and credit any sales associated with each code for purposes of paying Commissions and 2.) provides a discount on BIOHM’s products and services to their customers. The benefits of this Affiliate Program include:

· 30% commission for the first 3 months a customers buys BIOHM,  10% commission for months 4-12 (Personal Commissions)

· Earn 5% Commission on Sales made by any Affiliate that you directly enroll in the Affiliate Program (Team Commissions)

· Purchase BIOHM products and services for your personal use at a 20% discount

· Provide your audience/network with a 20% discount on BIOHM products and services

· Exclusive rewards program for our team of Affiliates

· Exclusive promotions available only to Affiliates

· Exclusive promotions available only to customers of Affiliates 

• 30% Commission on Personal Sales - Affiliates will receive 30% commission for the first 3 months a customers buys BIOHM,  10% commission for months 4-12.

• 5% Commission on Sales of the Affiliates that you enroll in this Affiliate Program. This commission is paid only on one level of enrollees (i.e. your Direct Enrollees). These are referred to as Team Commissions and are subject to the policies below. For example: Sue enrolls Steph = Sue gets 5% Commission on Steph’s sale so Steph enrolls Jake = Steph gets 5% Commission on Jake’s sales. Sue does not get any commission on Jake’s sales. 

• 20% off coupon code to use for your personal purchases and to share with your audience providing you and your audience followers a 20% discount that is not available to the general public. Note, this discount code cannot be used in conjunction with other Promotion Codes. In addition, the Company may offer promotions and discounts to the general public from time to time that are greater than this 20% discount, which you and your followers are welcome to use in place of the 20% off coupon code. 

Policies around Commission Payments: 

· Commission Payout Threshold - Earned commissions are paid out at the beginning of each calendar month based on the recent prior month’s sales. Note, commissions are only paid out once you reach > $100 in commissions ($100 Payout Threshold). Commissions will accumulate from month to month for levels < $100 in Commissions and will be paid once the cumulative Commissions exceed $100. 

· Active Status - Affiliates must remain Active to receive Commissions. Affiliates are Active if they generate > $250 in New Sales per calendar quarter. New Sales are defined as Sales that are not recurring through a Subscription order. BIOHM reserves the right to deactivate an Affiliate who is not actively pursuing new business or does not achieve Active status, in its sole discretion. Once deactivated, Affiliates will no longer receive commissions on future sales of customers initially associated with the respective Affiliate. We love our Affiliates and want this program to be mutually beneficial. This Affiliate program is intended to incent individuals who continue to advocate for BIOHM: you can increase your earnings and help BIOHM grow by continuing to actively pursue new business. An Affiliate who reaches $500 in BIOHM sales for the month, is eligible for ONE free consumable product of choice (this excludes Gut Test and Consulting Services). This product must be requested by the Affiliate and will be approved by BIOHM home office. Depending on BIOHM promotions, there are also other ways an Affiliate can earn BIOHM swag and more. We’ll help you stay up to date with the latest in gut health while connecting you with like-minded brands and professionals.

•Gut-Friendly Recipes

•Gut Health Tips, Photos and Videos

• Invitations to BIOHM events

• You can be rewarded for participation and hard work with BIOHM Product, swag, or more! As a part of the program, you have our permission to use (subject to our guidelines below) all of this content for your own social feed, audience, and coaching! 

• Brand Name – Always spell BIOHM in all uppercase letters

• Pronouncing – BIOHM is pronounced BYE-OWM (Like OWN with an M)

Talk Often – We encourage you to talk about BIOHM at least 5x a month (this includes stories too!) Remember, you’ll always have access to our creative assets too. 

Don’t Make Claims – DO NOT MAKE any health claims relating to diagnosing, preventing, curing, or treating any specific health issues, diseases, or conditions (ex. Crohn’s, constipation, IBS, etc.)

Use Hashtags – Your posts MUST include #BIOHMAmbassador along with one of the following hashtags: #ad, #spon or #sponsored.

• Be Yourself – It’s easy to find ways to naturally incorporate your custom code into your social media platform.  Affiliates acknowledge and agree that the Affiliates will not acquire any ownership interest in any patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, works of authorship, trade secrets, or any other intellectual property (collectively, "Intellectual Property") owned by or licensed to BIOHM under this Affiliate Program. 

BIOHM hereby grants to each Affiliate a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and recoverable license to use BIOHM’s trademarks, logos and copyrights during that Affiliate’s participation in the Affiliate Program solely in connection with the marketing, promotion, advertising, and sale of BIOHM’s products and services in accordance with this Affiliate Program. 

Except as otherwise expressly set forth in this Affiliate Program, Affiliate shall not use BIOHM’s marketing materials or Intellectual Property, whether printed, on video, audio, or on the internet unless authorized by BIOHM. Affiliates acknowledge and agree that BIOHM shall have the irrevocable right to use and reproduce (in any form or medium) and exclusively benefit from, without compensation to Affiliate, any original content or other work created or posted on any social medium in connection with the Affiliate Program by an Affiliate. 

Affiliates enter into this affiliate program at their own discretion. BIOHM reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate’s participation in the Affiliate Program at any time with or without cause. Affiliates and BIOHM expressly acknowledge and agree that this Affiliate Program does not create a fiduciary relationship, partnership, joint venture or relationships of trust or agency between any Affiliate and BIOHM. Any services provided by an Affiliate are as an independent contractor only. BIOHM’s Affiliates are not employees of BIOHM Health Inc. BIOHM makes no representations and warranties of any kind, implied or expressed, with respect to the Products, including, without limitation, no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, which are specifically disclaimed. In no event shall BIOHM have any liability under any provision of this Affiliate Program for any punitive, incidental, consequential, special or indirect damages, including loss of future revenue or income, loss of business reputation or opportunity relating to the breach or alleged breach of this Affiliate Program, or diminution of value or any damages based on any type of multiple, whether based on statute, contract, tort or otherwise, and whether or not arising from the other party’s sole, joint, or concurrent negligence, strict liability, criminal liability or other fault. 

The Affiliate Program shall be administered by BIOHM Health Inc, and BIOHM Health Inc shall have sole and exclusive authority to construe and interpret this Program, prescribe, amend and rescind rules relating to the Program and take any other actions necessary or desirable for the administration of the Program. BIOHM Health Inc may correct any defect or supply any omission or reconcile any inconsistency or ambiguity in the Program. The decisions of BIOHM Health Inc shall be final and binding on all Affiliates. In the event that the Affiliate Program is terminated by BIOHM, BIOHM will have no further obligation to pay commissions to Affiliates on any sales occurring following the termination date. Commissions will be paid on sales occurring prior to the termination of this program in whole or in part with any individual Affiliate.

BIOHM reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate this Affiliate Program in its sole discretion at any time.


Questions and Inquiries

Questions and Inquiries should be directed to Ambassador@BIOHMHealth.com